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A Partial List of (Mainly) Natural Evils

[The most newsworthy evils are italicized.]


Earthquakes and tsunamis
Storms, floods and mudslides
Volcanic eruptions
Droughts and famines
Forest fires
Epidemics (e.g., AIDS, The Spanish Flu, The Black Death)
Viral Disease (e.g., smallpox killed an estimated 300-500 million in the 20th century)
Microbial Disease (e.g., malaria is the greatest historical cause of premature death killing one to three million every year)
Genetic disease (e.g., Down’s Syndrome & about 7500 other congenital illnesses)
Parasites, venomous snakes et al., rabid dogs, ornery hippos, man-eating tigers, etc.
Falls (stairs, ladders, balconies, cliffs, defective parachutes, etc.)
Boat sinkings (esp. ferry boats) & drownings


Poverty & exploitation
Depression & other mental illnesses
Ugliness, physical deformity, mental disability
Physical disability (blindness, deafness, lameness, etc.)
Loneliness & boredom
Alcoholism & drug addiction
Cancer, heart disease, stroke, etc.
Ill health, chronic pain, quadriplegia
Accidents (automobile accidents, industrial accidents, house & other fires, mining accidents, train crashes, airplane crashes, structural collapses, freak accidents)
Aging (e.g., arthritis, osteoporosis, cataracts, hearing loss, Alzheimer’s, etc.)
Infant mortality & death in child-birth
Economic calamities (depressions, bank failures, unemployment, hyperinflation, etc.)
War (including the threat of nuclear war), class conflict, social unrest
Crime-related death and mayhem
Terrorist attacks
Unfulfilled or frustrated desires and ambitions (e.g., unrequited love)
Instinctive dislike of certain people in our lives, especially next of kin

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