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[The excerpt at the link below is from the audio version of Joan of Arc: Her Story, 1999, by Regine Pernoud and Marie-Véronique Clin. The reader is quite good, except for the fact that she reads all the references—just a distraction in an audio book—thereby breaking the flow. The book is written in the chronological order of the historical documents, untypical for a biography. In the 17 minute chapter below, the situation in the besieged city of Orleans leading up to Joan’s arrival with a relief army is vividly described. The English were applying the same methods at Orleans that they had used at Rouen ten years earlier. As many as 12,000 starved to death before that city of 70,000 fell, facts which would have been fresh in the minds of the citizens of Orleans. By 1418 the age of chivalry was long gone—under Edward III the English had begun the practice of relying heavily on mercenary/brigands, an effective but cruel military departure from the traditions of feudal warfare. It is not surprising that the city of Orleans has celebrated, with a few exceptions, Joan’s lifting of the siege every year since 1430.]

Excerpt from Regine Pernoud’s audio book: Joan of Arc: Her Story

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