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With a view to dispelling that heavy bias of familiarity and fatigue that over-exposure to any text can produce, I strongly recommend the 2003 film, The Gospel of John, created by a constituency of artists from Canada and the UK and narrated by Christopher Plummer. In my opinion, it’s the only first-rate movie that’s been made on the Jesus of the gospels. Not a word has been added, subtracted, or changed from the Good News Bible translation of the Gospel of John. The resulting film is three hours in length, somewhat long to watch comfortably in one sitting. However, if taken in bite-size portions the film’s impact may be considerably greater. Here is the youtube link—there are a number of youtube versions and it is not hard to find a new one if this one has been removed—along with the locations of some of my favourite bits:

Jesus talks to the woman at the well — 25:40 minutes in
Jesus in the synagogue teaching on the Eucharist — 52:40 minutes in
An acrimonious verbal exchange — 1 hour 11:20 minutes in
Jesus heals a man born blind — 1 hour 16:20 minutes in
Jesus raises Lazarus — 1 hour 30:25 minutes in
Jesus’s last appearance (final scene) — 2 hours 47:40 minutes in

Note that these time locations may vary slightly with new youtube links.

The Gospel of John (2003 Film — GNB)

In January 1978 Alec McCowen devised and directed his own solo performance of the complete text of the St. Mark’s Gospel, for which he received worldwide acclaim. The youtube can be found below.

St Mark’s Gospel (one man show — KJV)

St Matthew’s Gospel (a reading — NASB)

St Luke’s Gospel (a reading by Johnny Cash — NKJV)

The Acts of the Apostles (a reading — NASB)

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