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Why is pain painful and pleasure pleasurable?

What do we mean by the word “mean”?

How can we be sure that we exist?

How can we be sure that there is an external world?

How do we know other people aren’t zombies?

Why should anything go right, even observation and deduction?

Why couldn’t the absurd be true?

How can we be sure we know anything we think we know?

How do we know the universe isn’t destroyed every five minutes and then created anew complete with memories?

How do we know the universe isn’t merely a flaw in the purity of non-Being?

Why doesn’t everything sink without trace into an abyss of irrational chaos?

Why do things happen? (courtesy of Noam Chomsky—see The Machine, the Ghost, and the Limits of Understanding; start 1:25:55 hr/min/secs in)

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